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Roofing Installation Dos And Don’ts

Has the winter rain and snow leave you in need of a new roof? Maybe it would have been best to replace your old roof last summer. There is nothing worse than a leaking roof, keeping you up all night with pots and pans scatter to keep the water from damaging your home. If its time to replace your roof, the question comes down to what material should you use. Here are a few quick tips you can follow

1. You may not need to actually replace your old roof, it may just need to be repaired. If your financially not ready to purchase a whole new roof, repairing the roof can at least buy you time to save up. If your having problems now, expect the problems to get worse over time. Repairs should only be a temporary solution until you can completely replace the roof.

2. Explore your options as there are many materials that can be used. Some cost more, some last longer and some simply give you home better curb appeal. Weight the options that are most important to you.

3. Never add a layer of roof on top of your roof without checking with the integrity of the structure. Adding a new layer adds a lot of weight to the structure of your home and you dont want a roof replacement to turn into a whole home replacement.

4. Plan and layout new gutters and downpours as many older homes did not pre plan this in advance. Now is your chance to create a better irrigation system.

5. Consider any other additions and modifications you want to add to the home such as skylights.

It goes without saying, you should always use a qualified license and insured roofing company to install, replace or repair your old roof.